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7-Step Cremation Process

At Pet Cremation Services of Tidewater, we understand the loss of a pet is the loss of a family member. It is important to us that your pet’s remains are treated with love and care. We provide a comprehensive 7-step cremation process that tracks your pet to ensure that you receive your pet’s ashes.

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Step One: Once a pick-up has been scheduled or your pet is brought to us, we assign a cremation ID number to your pet.

Step Two: Your pet is identified and tagged with the cremation ID number upon pick up or drop off.

Step Three: A stainless steel cremation disc with the ID number engraved on it remains with your pet throughout the cremation process.

Step Four: The ashes and disc are placed in a beautiful hardwood urn with an engraved nameplate with your pet’s name. If you have picked out another urn from our Pet Memorial Products, your pet’s ashes will be placed in that urn.

Step Five: The hardwood urn is also labeled with the cremation ID number.

Step Six: A certificate of cremation bearing your pet’s name is prepared and personally signed. It also includes the cremation ID number and date of cremation.

Step Seven: Paperwork with your pet’s information is matched with your pet’s ashes.

If you have questions about our 7-Step Cremation Process, call us at (757) 340-0016.

You can trust Pet Cremation Services of Tidewater to keep your pet in our local care until you are ready to bring them home.

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Pet Urns, Stones, Casket Vaults & Jewelry

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For more information, after hour emergencies or to arrange pick up or drop off of your pet, call (757) 340-0016

Pet Cremation Services of Tidewater

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Phone: (757) 340-0016
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Call for After Hour Emergencies.
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Pet Memorials

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