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Pet’s Name: Gaylord Focker Smith

Breed: Boston Terrier

Date Passed: November 8, 2019

Memorial message: Keli Copeland and Robert Smith

Gaylord Focker Smith

On Friday November 8, 2019 after a day of adventure and a filet mignon dinner our beloved Gaylord Focker Smith went to the rainbow bridge. He was in his father’s arms when he went and we are absolutely devastated.

Known fondly as “Nacho” to those close to him he was world renowned for his absence of teeth, horrible breath and the slimiest stickiest kisses. The only offense that could possibly surpass the transgression of his breath was the malfeasance of his toxic farts.

We don’t know much about his life before he came to New Jersey. On December 2nd of 2016 our good friend and The Humane Society of Atlantic County, manager Michaela Flath, reached out to see if we would be interested in fostering a senior Boston Terrier who was arriving on 12/11/2016. He was fully intact and not available for adoption until he was neutered and cleared medically by the doctor.

We met Gay for the first time and his enormous unaltered parts were so big, they entered the room before he did. He looked utterly disdainful and was clearly unimpressed. Upon arriving to our home he immediately peed with the strength and volume of a fire hose onto our dining room table.

By the time he was cleared for adoption we were madly in love. How could we not, with all that charm?

We shared almost three years of servitude under his dictatorship. He followed us EVERYWHERE, probably because he didn’t trust us. I once tested this by doing laps around the coffee table. He circled behind me twice then sat and waited for my return, because he wasn’t an idiot.

He inspired numerous musical masterpieces like “He’s a Gay Nacho” (to the tune of the O’Kaysions “Girl Watcher) and “Nacho Dog” with it’s classic lyrics (to the tune of The Village People’s “Macho Man”):



Gay, Gay

Gay, Gay

Nacho, Nacho Dog

I’ve got to be, a Nacho Dog

Gaybaline is survived by his beloved parents Robert Smith and Keli Ann Copeland; his dearest siblings Kira, Pacer, Coda and Rufus; his treasured grandparents Ann Marie Smith, Elizabeth Westcott Schofield and Steve Schofield; his many dutiful servants and every stuffie he ever had, because he had no toofs so they all just got real wet but never destroyed.

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