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Pet’s Name: Beau

Breed: Lhasa Apso

Date Passed: August 7, 2019

Memorial message: Terry Hyman



Beau was only 6 yrs old when he passed.  He out lived his life expectancy as he was born without a foreskin we decided to purchase him because he was adorable and the last one left.  We were afraid that the breeder would put him down due to his birth defect.  

One of the Vet Doctors in the practice we have been to for 32 yrs had a surgeon who performed this surgery in creating a foreskin for him and she did a beautiful job.  Beau though throughout his life had infection after infection and developed a terrible skin infection that was very resistant to all medications that was prescribed for him.  He suffered with this for over a year and was put on thyroid medication due to his level was borderline and the thinking that that was causing this skin rash.  It never did clear up and he had this when he was put to sleep.  

What did it for Beau was that he had a deformed right hip socket which we did not know about until he jumped off the bed a few times and apparently came out.  There really was not a properly formed socket.  When that came all the way out his pelvis would move.  Needless to say he was in a lot of pain.  The Surgeon who did the cosmic surgery on him was the doctor treating him at the time and took xrays to prove all of this and since he would need a total hip replacement and needed to pin the pelvis in place, he may have needed further surgeries.  We had no choice but to put him down.  We were all crying including the surgeon.  We had no choice.  It would have costs thousands of dollars and he may have needed more surgery and the recover time would have been hard on him.  It was one of the most hardest decisions we had to make.  Yes we have put others to sleep but they were old.  The only thing that helps me anyway to deal with this emotionally is that I tell myself that we gave him 6 years of life that he would not have had otherwise.  He was treated like a king not just with us but with all the neighborhood kids and their parents.  We will never forget my Beau.

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